Meeting Minutes – November 2016

PRESENT: Katrina Shaw (President), Ardith Woertz (Vice-President), Tom Luellen (Treasurer), Brendan Jensen, Erin Snethen, Debbie Pomeroy, Duane Pomeroy, Carol Christensen, Sue Fackler, Karen Robertson (Secretary)

COMMUNITY OFFICER’S UPDATE: Officer Hendricks was present to give the update in place of Officer Wall and handed out a printout of the crimes in the neighborhood for the period from September 19 – November 8. The statistics showed that more than 25% of the burglaries reported were thefts from vehicles. Aggravated home burglaries increased in the southern part of the area – “aggravated” means that someone was in the home when the burglary occurred. He mentioned that it is a tough time to be in law enforcement and that Topeka has a young police force. They appreciate the support and cooperation from our neighborhood. He closed by repeating the usual holiday reminders – be sure to keep homes and vehicles locked, place packages out of sight, be aware of your surroundings, etc.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Tom Luellen reported a beginning balance as of 9/6 of $27,613.28, credits of $2,227.50, payments of $1,445.06, and an ending balance as of 11/6 of $28,743.06. In making the official changeover from previous treasurer Bev Law to Tom, he was required to get a tax I.D. number for the College Hill Neighborhood Association; he gave a copy of the form to the president.

Sue Fackler reported on the Wall of Fame event, saying that it was a good tour with good participation. It didn’t make a large amount of money but it always brings good publicity to the neighborhood. They are discussing not having the food in the park next year. A big event is being planned in 2018 for the 20th anniversary of the Wall of Fame event.

Sue also reported on the calendars with photos of neighborhood homes. She ordered 100 and has quite a few left to sell. She encouraged folks to buy them for Christmas gifts and will try to spread the word through social media.

Carol Christensen reminded the group that recycle day will be December 10 and reported that participation is down. She asked for suggestions of ways to remind neighbors to save and put out their aluminum cans, etc. This led to a discussion of how to get information distributed in the neighborhood. There is not a block person on every block who is willing to go door to door to hand out flyers, etc. The Pomeroys volunteered to help cover blocks without a block person.

HOLIDAY DECORATING CONTEST: Judging for the contest will be done on December 20 by Kat Shaw and Erin Snethen.

CHILI FEED: After reviewing the times of local college basketball games which might prevent folks from attending, it was decided that Saturday, February 11, would be the best day for the Chili Feed. Kat will check with University United Methodist Church to make sure that date works for them. Ardith asked the possibility of moving the Chili Feed to Westminster Presbyterian Church, but the stairs are an issue there. Ardith and Brendan volunteered to help with the event.

PARADES: Brendan reported that there has been discussion at the city about parade permits and the fairness of requiring the same permit fees for the small neighborhood parades as the large downtown ones. A new class of parade is being proposed which will be called “processions.” They will have more reasonable fees and a grant program to help neighborhoods with the cost of the barricades. This has not been passed yet and he will have an update for the January meeting.

JANUARY MEETING: The next meeting will be on the third Monday, January the 16th.

OTHER DISCUSSION: Sue suggested asking someone to represent Boswell Park at County Commission meetings. Kat suggested asking Andy Fry to do that: she will contact him. Susan Duffy would be another possibility. Sue also felt someone needs to work on the neighborhood markers, especially along 17th Street – the Zellers have been working on some of them

Brendan asked if another of the city bike racks is needed in the neighborhood. There is one at 17th and Washburn and several on campus. He suggested asking for one at the Catholic Campus Ministries at 17th & Jewell, or at 17th & Macvicar.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:55.