Recycling for College Hill

Aluminium Cans

College Hill hosts a recycling drive three times a year to help fund neighborhood events, newsletters, and flyers.  Volunteers pick up aluminum cans, sheeting, storm doors, and other aluminum products; steel cans and larger steel products (such as bed frames); and copper, brass, and bronze pipes, fixtures, and other products. 

In between neighborhood recycling drives, if you need to get rid of your recycling, please contact the Christensen’s (785-554-8068), who will arrange to get your recyclables from you and either store them until the next drive or make a separate recycling trip.

We ask that items be placed on your porch or near the house when it comes time to have them collected so they don’t get picked up by someone else by mistake.

Since the neighborhood recycling drives began in September 1990, our College Hill Association has received $13,500.08 from recycling!