Meeting Minutes – September 2020

Meeting was held via Zoom.

Persons in attendance follow:  Brian Adams, Dana Adams, Ben Alford, Carol Christensen, Susan Duffy, Andy Fry, Gail Kennedy, Tom Luellen, Brett Martin, Debbie Pomeroy, Duane Pomeroy, Katrina Shaw, Christi Stewart, Ardith Woertz, Emmett.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer’s Report was approved as presented.

    • Tom Luellen provided a recap of income and expenses for the past year.
    • A brief discussion related to College Hill Neighborhood Association (CHNA) dues and forms of payment ensued.
      • Currently, dues may be paid at various in-person CHNA sponsored events or by mail or drop-off to Tom at 1619 Plass.
      • Annual Dues are $20 per family.
      • Some form of electronic payment and/or Pay Pal were discussed as possible future payment methods to explore.

Minutes of last meeting – Minutes were approved with the noted change.

    • Ardith Woertz reviewed the Minutes from the July 2020.
    • A change to correct the spelling of Debbie Pomeroy’s name was presented.
      • Note – while reviewing past minutes it was discovered that two other names were misspelled – Andy Fry and Carol Christensen.  The spelling of these names has been corrected as well.

New Business – Introduction of any visitors –

    • No visitors.  Item not discussed.

Information regarding traffic calming, safety and speed reduction in College Hill –

    • Andy Fry provided an update on project, including talks with City Traffic Engineer.
    • Goal of Project is to make neighborhood safer.  Project is seen as having several stages or iterations.
    • A diagram showing potential use of road markings that are designed to help slow down traffic was displayed.
      • Drawing highlighted 13th and College and 15th and Jewell.
    • No decisions have been finalized.
    • Feedback was asked for – concept, locations, etc.
    • Comments and suggestions should be sent to Andy Fry at

Lighting the Neighborhood project update –

    • Andy Fry provided an update.
    • Andy is working with Cynthia Naeger and they are looking at applying for a Community Grant to provide a dusk to dawn light bulb to each house in College Hill.
    • Goal is safety related and to lighting up the neighborhood.
    • Light bulb offering is an initial phase of what is seen as a multi-phase project.   
    • Light bulb type and where to purchase were talked about as was soliciting donations or cost reductions/savings from store bulbs would be purchased from to help offset costs and demonstrate outside support in grant submission.

Update on recycling and next scheduled pick up December 12th – 

    • Carol Christensen talked about recycling efforts and issues related to former recycling vendor, Jim Starkey.
    • Starkey has applied for and is waiting to receive a new license.
    • Discussion focused on most recently used vendor and that we need to make participating in recycling program easy for neighbors.
    • Next recycling drive is in November 2020.
    • More updates to follow as more is learned with respect to vendors.

Election of new officers – Outcome:  Slate of officers was approved as submitted with Vice President position to be determined at a later date.

Slate presented – President Christi Stewart

Vice President – to be determined later

Treasurer – Tom Luellen

Secretary – Brett Martin

    • Slate of officers was presented and request for additional nominations was made.
    • No additional nominations were submitted.
    • Vote was taken.
      • Congratulations to Christi Stewart, Tom Luellen, and Brett Martin!

Request for Volunteers – 4th of July parade coordinator needed –

    • Role of the 4th of July Parade Coordinator was discussed.
    • Ardith said she would help.
    • No volunteers were identified.
    • Erin Snethen will coordinate the July 3rd activities.

Other Business – No Other Business was presented or discussed.

Next Round Table Meeting on November 16th

Close of Business – thank you for this opportunity to serve our neighborhood.  Thank Gail Kennedy for your excellent work as the secretary for the last two years!!

Added Note from Gail – thank you for the opportunity to serve as Secretary of the CHNA.  College Hill is a great community and the CHNA is a vibrant and active organization.  I have enjoyed my time on the board and meeting all the wonderful people that I have encountered.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Gail L. Kennedy