Meeting Minutes – February 2016

CHNA Minutes – February 15, 2016

  1. 14 attendees including officer Wall and Friedrichs
  2. Crime report
    1. 3 automobile break-ins in January. All cars were unlocked.
    2. 2 license plates were stolen
      • Safety Tip: Use at least one anti-theft screw or change at least one or two screws to a flat head or phillips head to make it more difficult to remove the license plate. Thieves don’t often carry multiple types of screw drivers.
    3. Discussion of Dillon’s closing and what the city and police department plan to do with the vacant space.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Chili feed Feedback: All feedback was positive and people enjoyed the new arrangement of tables.
  5. Nel Richmond passed away.  She will be memorialized in the newsletter and a memorial will occur during the Fourth of July weekend.
  6. Newsletter: all submissions will be required by 2/24/16.
  7. College Hill Plaques: Degginger’s will be producing them at a cost of $45 each. The CHNA will not be selling to earn a profit due to the cost.
  8. Vote to make Erin Snethen president and Katrina Shaw Vice President was passed.