Metal Recycling Drive: June 2, 9AM

Please place metal recyclables on your porch by 9AM. They will be picked up by neighbors and recycled to raise money to pay for the newsletter postage and other Neighborhood Association Activities. THANKS!

In MARCH neighbors donated:

Aluminum cans (UBC) 198 lbs. @ 53 cents/lb. $104. 94
Steel 283 lbs. @ 5.5 cents/lb. 15.56
“Rim” (for a tire?) 17 lbs. @ 52 cents/lb. 8.84
TOTAL $129.34 (+ a 66-cent bonus = $130.00)

This drive brought in about the same amount of money as other drives the past 12 months did (just a little less).

Since the quarterly neighborhood recycling drives began in September 1990, our College Hill Association has received $11,114.06 from recycling! (That’s a lot of money! It also represents a lot of materials that didn’t go into a landfill!)

We thank and appreciate SO MUCH all the people who contributed their recyclables to this drive! Many thanks also to the dear neighbor friends who drove and picked up recyclables that day. Susan and Clark Duffy, Bob Fackler, Frank Meadows, Joyce Smith, and Carol Christensen. Many thanks also to the Schlingensiepens, who let us borrow a truck! Since the neighborhood has had in recent years its garage sale on the second Saturday in June, our next recycling drive will be Saturday, June 2. We would appreciate very much anything you can do to help get the word out! Thank you!