Meeting Minutes – March 2016

CHNA Minutes – March 21, 2016

  1. 13 attendees including officer Wall and Friedrichs
  2. Crime report
    1. 2 automobile break-ins
    2. Safety Tip: Report your stolen items no matter how insignificant
  3. Treasurer Report
  4. A total of 10 College Hill Plaques were purchased and are for sale at $45 each.  The neighborhood cost was $45 so there is no markup.
  5. Burger Stand would like to use the College Hill logo. A vote was made to counter offer with a coupon to be placed in the newsletter in exchange for using the logo.
  6. Update on moving the College Hill stones in place – Delores and Brenden will be working with Abby Schlingensiepen.
  7. The findings from the Historic Preservation Society will be presented at the 4/18/16 round table meeting.
  8. Central Topeka Strong Update: the Dillons follow up group conducted a survey of residents about the impact of the closing of Dillons on Huntoon. More surveys are to be completed and contact with the group can be made on Facebook or via email at
  9. Brenden provided a city update:
    1. AmeriCorps possibly coming to clean up neighborhoods within the city including College Hill. Suggestions include painting the playground equipment, cleaning up alleys, and assisting homeowners with repairs and clean up.
  10. A block captains initiative is being spearheaded by Sue Fackler
  11. Recycling update: Only $35 was raised at the last recycling drive. A discussion of ideas to bring in more money or discontinue the drive was had with Carol Christensen, the primary contact for the recycling drives.
  12. Vote to elect Clara Gamache as secretary passed.

Meeting Minutes – February 2016

CHNA Minutes – February 15, 2016

  1. 14 attendees including officer Wall and Friedrichs
  2. Crime report
    1. 3 automobile break-ins in January. All cars were unlocked.
    2. 2 license plates were stolen
      • Safety Tip: Use at least one anti-theft screw or change at least one or two screws to a flat head or phillips head to make it more difficult to remove the license plate. Thieves don’t often carry multiple types of screw drivers.
    3. Discussion of Dillon’s closing and what the city and police department plan to do with the vacant space.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Chili feed Feedback: All feedback was positive and people enjoyed the new arrangement of tables.
  5. Nel Richmond passed away.  She will be memorialized in the newsletter and a memorial will occur during the Fourth of July weekend.
  6. Newsletter: all submissions will be required by 2/24/16.
  7. College Hill Plaques: Degginger’s will be producing them at a cost of $45 each. The CHNA will not be selling to earn a profit due to the cost.
  8. Vote to make Erin Snethen president and Katrina Shaw Vice President was passed.

Historic Preservation Survey Presentation

Join us for the presentation of the College Hill Neighborhood Historic Preservation Study! Monday, April 18 at 7 pm. Westminster Presbyterian Church at 13th & Boswell. This will be included in our monthly round table discussion. Additional College Hill business will be after the presentation. This will be an important meeting to discuss our role in moving forward. We hope to see you there!