Meeting Minutes – July 2021

College Hill Neighborhood Association

Minutes:  July 19, 2021


Attendees:  Christi Stewart (President), Tom Luellen (Treasurer),  Sue Fackler, K.O. Noonoo, Brian Adams, Dana Adams, Andy Fry, Debbie Pomeroy, Duane Pomeroy, Carol Christensen, John Christensen, Erin Snethen, Kat Shaw, Ben Alford

Zoom Meeting

  1. Introductions 
  2. Minutes – May minutes (amend to say March); motion from Sue, second from Tom. Minutes approved.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    • Presented by Tom Luellen (Treasurer); see attached
    • Three grants are reflected – Kansas Leadership Center, Topeka Community Foundation, United Way
    • $300 for Pineapple Dream for July 4 expense
    • Andy moved, second from Carol. Report approved.
  4. Lightbulbs – Andy
    • We have all the lightbulbs and have developed a plan to distribute them.
    • Thanks to everyone
  5. Wifi Project – Andy
    • The Wifi is connected. They are working on yard signs to notify park users of the service.
    • Also working on a press release to notify the wider community.
    • Sue requested something for the church newsletter.
    • Carol asked about cost; Andy said we have funds for years to cover this. This is combination of KLC and United Way of Greater Topeka
  6. Traffic Calming
    • Andy is working with the traffic engineer to have signage by the end of the summer.
    • 15th and Jewell and 13th and College are the intersections.
  7. KLC Grant – Vaccinations
    • We also received dollars to encourage people to get vaccinated. We plan to set something up in the park
    • Andy was working with the health department. They used funds for barricades (8) to make safer places for kids to play and ride during the event.
    • This is half of what it takes to have the parade around the park.
    • Carol asked where they would be stored. Andy shared that they will be stored in a neighborhood garage.
  8. Recycling Drive – Carol Christensen
    • Carol shared that we had the drive last weekend (July 10).
    • We made $164 which is good with less than 10% of the people recycling. This added to $11 from neighborhood clean up to total $175.
    • Thanks to Kat for sharing in the newsletter and encouraging people to participate. Thanks to Debbie Pomeroy for helping this time.
  9. National Night Out
    • August 7 at Boswell Park 
    • Committee decided on a movie night. Andy has worked with the health department to give vaccines. We will close Jewell from 14th to 13th Streets.
    • Carol asked about food. We have a $75 stipend.
    • It will be early to be kid-friendly. 
    • We have equipment; Dillons donates water bottles.
    • July 29 is the Westminster movie night at 8:00pm. Andy asked about a Facebook event. Sue will share it out.
    • Flyers will be made by Safe Streets Coalition.
    • Carol asked to include September 11 recycling drive. Christi will share the annual meeting date and time on it as well.
  10. Overview of 4th of July
    • Thanks to everyone for helping with this event this year. It was scaled down and turnout was good.
    • Thanks to Westminster Church
    • Sue said that neighbors are hoping for full parade soon with the floats. The focus was on Collins Park this year as it was their 50th.
    • Debbie said that we want to share changes to the route prior to the parade.
    • Erin asked for feedback. She said it was great at the park and having events following the parade.
    • Carol shared that the slim turnout on the parade – some with a late start may have gone straight to the park.
    • Pastor K.O. of Westminster shared that the parade had great energy but it wasn’t clear what was free and what was for sale. Big signs would be helpful. We could have used a little more energy when giving awards.
    • John shared that a group of Mormon missionaries pulled weeds on the brick walk the day before the event.
    • Brian said it was the first parade for them and that they loved it. They met new neighbors.
    • Sue asked about the band. John said that they usually play for the Midland event. He said they would be back next year.
    • Andy said it was the largest gathering in his six years at the park for the events and that they stayed for a long time. Thanks to Zach for the music.
  11. Old Business
    • Proposals about the Neighborhood
      • Sue said that folks have worked on this. She wonders if the board has a position.
      • Christi said that the board told the group to keep working and that we would keep an eye on it. She received a letter from the city about a VRBO. This is the new city process according to Andy.
      • Christi is excited that Haus bought the place and are doing good things to it.
      • Debbie said that the owners have not taken possession of the place to the south.
      • Sue asked that the board reach out to Donna and Clark to ask what they want from the board.
      • Duane said they worked with the realtor about the property near them that has two kitchens that it cannot be a duplex.
      • Debbie shared that our involvement is important in the neighborhood with these issues.
    • Criminal Behavior 
      • Folks are keeping an eye out on those homes that are issues in the neighborhood.
      • Some neighbors have been threatened for calling the police.
      • Sue suggested that we include in the newsletter that we are looking for a new person to help with crime and reporting in the community.
    • College Hill Markers
      • John asked about the three markers left at the Duffy’s garden.
      • Andy said the Duffy’s are ok with us storing them there for now.
      • Christi said we are working on it. Andy shared that if anyone wants to take it on as a project, it is ready for that.
      • Kat shared that there is one on Mulvane that needs to be replaced.
      • Sue asked about a newsletter before the annual meeting. Maybe we can ask someone to take on this project.
  12. New Business
    • College Hill T-Shirts
      • Kat has worked on getting new shirts for CHNA. 
      • A lot of people asked about her shirt at the July 4 event. She worked with Go Blue on getting prices and a store put up. We can mark up items as a fundraiser for the neighborhood. We need to sell 25 to get the lower prices.
      • We need to decide on white or black ink. Erin suggested that white stands out well on all colors.
      • Kat suggested we mark them up to make some money for the neighborhood.
      • The store will be online and the shirts will be here by National Night Out. 
      • Erin asked if we could do this more than once. Kat said we can do a second order later in the year. Erin asked about tanks. Kat did not see it on the list.
      • vii.Carol asked about communication. Kat said it would go out through the neighborhood email and to Westminster. Sue feels like we are excluding those who are not online. Kat encouraged people to reach out to those who do not have access to add to their order. 
    • College Hill Bricks
      • Sue asked Tom about orders.
      • Tom and others are working on it. We can push it out during the annual meeting.
      • Debbie shared that there is a Boswell alumni event at the park on September 25.
      • Sue shared that the park agreed to look at improvements and possibly moving the bricks from the west to the center area.
      • Andy said that an online form would help. Kat can help with it and link it to the PayPal account.
  13. Our annual meeting will be September 20 at Westminster Church.
    • There was discussion about a special speaker from the city to present on the VRBO policies.
    • Andy will help secure a speaker.
    • Sue shared that free lunches are still available and are home-cooked on weekdays from 11-12 until August 12 for anyone 0-18 and their families.

Minutes Respectfully Submitted by Brett J. Martin 

Meeting Minutes – July 2018

College Hill Neighborhood Association Meeting

7:00 p.m. July 16, 2018

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Present: Katrina Shaw (President), Ardith Woertz (Vice-President), Tom Luellen (Treasurer), Gail Kennedy, Adrianne Johnson, Andy Fry, John E. Christensen, Susan Duffy, John Bowes, Dona Nordstrom, Zach Snethen, Theo Alford-Shaw, and Officer Hendricks.

Community Officer’s Update: The Crime Statistics Report was not available.  HOT TOPIC – car burglaries.  Nothing significant – foot traffic still an issue.  If missing something, calling pawn shops can be a useful resource.  Make sure you write down serial numbers on large ticket items, including bicycles, guns, etc.

Property Maintenance Compliance: Anything on the “lot” with the exception of vehicles that may be operable and are tagged come under the review of this unit.  Housing violations include inside and outside the home.  Most exterior issues involve paint, weeds (yard with vegetation over 1 foot high), and broken windows.  General junk on open porch (i.e. appliances, boxes of stuff, scrap wood) can be sited.  Homeowners are provided ten (10) days to comply after signing for the letter from the City.

Squatters are a real issue in our neighborhood.  Suggestion made that we contact all the City Council members to support the code compliance unit with more funds.

Treasurers Report: Tom Luellen reported a balance of $32,000; spent $600 on 4th of July event(s)l; and just received $1,300 in invoices.

Grant Update(s): Will be reimbursed $1,200 from the City of Topeka for the Barricades Grant – barricades cost $980.

Monuments on 17th – unveiling in planning with Margarita’s Jalisco.

July 4th Recap: THS ROTC not interested in coming.  Shawnee Heights High School came and performed.  Motion for donation to Shawnee Heights High School of $50 passed.  Susan Duffy and Tom Luellen seconded.

Recycling: John Christensen reported that after July 4th made $111.34.

NNO: Our NNO for College Hill will be jointly sponsored with the Topeka Community Cycle Project.  “Sandlot” will be showing at Boswell Park on August 11th.  Event starts at 6:00 p.m.  Movie will be shown after dark.

Annual Meeting: September 17, 2018.  (a) Elections to be held; and (b) Peggy Oster with the Jayhawk Area Agency on Aging will be the guest speaker.

Neighborhood Improvement Association: A portion of College Hill – East side of College Ave. to Washburn is being brought to our attention for further discussion with the City Planning Department.

The next meeting will be on the third Monday in September at 7:00 p.m.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.