Neighbors Email Group

As many of you know, we used a Yahoo! Group to help send emails back and forth to all the neighbors for a number of years. However, that platform has begun to show its age and a few of us began hunting for a new solution that would help us all keep in touch. And so after a bit of work, Bob Young and I are please to introduce the Neighbors List.  Here are a couple of quick instructions on how to use this new email group:

To Join: Visit The College Hill Mailing List

To Use: Send an email to and it will be copied out to everyone who has subscribed!




Presidential Ponderings – Summer Edition

Happy Summer (Finally)!

Its been quite a cold spring here in College Hill, but it looks like summer is finally getting around to showing its bright shiny face! Hooray! (Of course I won’t be nearly as excited about this in August when it is 400 Billion degrees…) Complaints aside, after a long winter I’m guessing most everyone is glad summer is here.

We should have a pretty good one this time around! We have new committees for both the 4th of July and the National Night Out Against Crime.  These two teams are working hard  to pull off some banner events for us and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the work they are doing!

As many of you know we rolled out a new website several months back and we keep loading more and more content into it! We’re hoping to make it the go-to place for everything you need to know about College Hill! One big push underway, is to give all of the clubs and groups the ability to put events they’d like to invite the neighborhood to directly into the calendar on the Events page. If you know of a group that I have not talked to please have them give me a call or shoot me an email. I would be happy to show them how! In the meantime, if you haven’t visited the site in a while, please do so again as its always growing and changing!

See you around the neighborhood,

Brendan Jensen

Calling All Updates!!

Quite a few years ago we put out a neighborhood directory, most found it hugely helpful and many are still being used today.  Since it was last printed many have come and gone. We’re in the mist of putting a campaign together to get our records up to date so we can properly address newsletters and put out a new directory at some point in the near future. Please give us a hand with this project by updating your contact information though our website at

2013 Winter Chili Supper Thanks

Big thanks to everyone who help make our Chili Supper last night such a huge success! Special thanks goes out to Laura Burton, Matt Benaka, Cheyenne Manspeaker, and Zach & Erin Snethen this event couldn’t have happened without you guys! Don’t forget to visit our sponsors and tell them how much their participation means to our neighborhood!! University United Methodist Church, Boca Cafe, PTs Coffee, and The Burger Stand.